The Authentic Choice

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but that only goes so far when it comes to quality, safety, and satisfaction. As the world’s best selling massage wand, the Magic Wand has seen more than its fair share of imposters. And, while we will always welcome and invite fair competition, we’re not so keen on identity theft. So, to protect you from lackluster – and potentially harmful – look-a-likes, we work tirelessly to eliminate true counterfeits from the market.

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The Icon

Its name says it all – Original. The first. The wand that launched an entire category and a whole new world of pleasure. A true symbol of individuality that remains virtually unchanged since its debut, the Magic Wand Original and its legendary power are loved by millions.

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The Free Spirit

With a variety of vibration patterns to an intuitive speed control, the Magic Wand Rechargeable is up for whatever you’ve got in mind. Its soft, silicone head and neck are flexible – and so is its power source. Feel free to enjoy cordless convenience or use it while plugged in.

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The Prodigy

If we can get real for a minute, the Magic Wand Plus is a bit of an overachiever. It doesn’t just borrow features like variable speeds and plug-in power – it owns them. Soft, silicone head? Check. And those famous deep, rumbly vibrations? Oh yeah, the Plus delivers there, too.

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The Hot Shot

Born into such a famous family, this little wand has quite a reputation to uphold. Challenge accepted. Offering big power, multiple speeds, and unsurpassed quality, the full-featured Magic Wand Mini is more than simply a smaller sibling – it’s here to create a legacy all its own. 

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