The Magic Wand Original Vibrator Walked so the New Magic Wand Mini Could Rocket to Space

The Magic Wand Original Vibrator Walked so the New Magic Wand Mini Could Rocket to Space

The Magic Wand Original Vibrator Walked so the New Magic Wand Mini Could Rocket to Space

The Magic Wand Original is a vibrator that has been providing pleasure for over 50 years. After trying out the new, compact version of the toy, the Magic Wand Mini, I predict that it will be just as highly regarded by those who engage in sexual activity.

For those unfamiliar, the Magic Wand Original (previously known as the Hitatchi before its rebrand in 2013) is widely considered to be the timeless classic of vibrators. Made from body-safe ABS plastic and silicone, this massager first appeared on the market in the late 1960s, initially marketed and sold as a back massager. However, within a few years it gained a reputation as one of the best sex aids available, and has since remained a much-loved vibrator. With the advent of the Magic Wand Mini, it's clear that there's room for even more Magic in the world.

The Original paved the way so the Magic Wand Mini
vibrator could run, or, er, travel

Fear not: Neither the Magic Wand Original nor the Magic Wand Rechargeable will be disappearing. These handheld vibrators offer up to 6,300 rotations per minute (RPM) of vibration intensity, which is greater than any other handheld vibrator available on the market.

Despite its popularity, the Original has received criticism for its size, and understandably so. The Original measures over a foot in length and weighs in at 1.5 pounds. Wand vibrators are often compared to microphones, but to put things into perspective, the Original is actually bigger than the average sound amplifier. A more apt size comparison would be with those toy echo microphones for children, which are certainly not discreet.

The size of the Original is what gives it its power, as the bigger the toy, the bigger the motor and the greater the power it can provide. However, its size and weight also make it less accessible for individuals with limited limb strength or mobility. Additionally, it can be quite cumbersome to transport, which is where the Magic Wand Mini steps in.

What to be aware of regarding the Magic Wand Mini

Measuring 9.5 inches in length and weighing 9.7 ounces, the Magic Wand Mini is more compact than the Original version, which makes it simpler to store, carry and grip compared to other models of the Magic Wand.

However, don't let its compactness fool you, the Mini is still packed with power. It offers three different intensity options, with speeds ranging from 3,500 to 6,000 RPM. This is slightly less powerful than the original's maximum RPM of 6,300, but in my personal experience, the difference was unnoticeable. It's worth mentioning that neither the Mini nor the Original offer vibration patterns, so if that's a feature you enjoy, downsizing may not be for you, and it would be wise to consider the Rechargeable, which does offer this feature.
Despite the Mini being less powerful mechanically than the Original, I discovered that it actually aided me in reaching orgasm faster.
Despite being less powerful mechanically than the Original, I found that the Mini actually helped me achieve orgasm quicker. Both the Original and the Rechargeable Magic Wand have bulbous heads, the size of a fist, which are designed to transmit deep vibrations to a large surface area. However, the head on the Mini is significantly smaller, making it better at delivering focused stimulation. As someone who prefers targeted clitoral and labial stimulation over broad genital stimulation, I found that the Mini was more effective in bringing me to orgasm compared to the Original.

Of course, all bodies are unique. So, I acknowledge that the smaller head may not be a desirable feature for all those seeking pleasure. If you prefer to use it face down during solo sex, or if you want to engage in scissoring with your partner, then you would be better off opting for the large-headed version. In both scenarios, a larger head makes play more effortless.

The primary drawback of the Mini is that it is only splash-proof, not waterproof. This means that you can clean it by rinsing it under a tap after use, but it cannot be used during bath or shower sex. Given that a rival product, Le Wand Petite, also lacks waterproofing, I believe this represents a missed opportunity to improve and stand out.

Ultimately, though, I’d give the Magic Wand Mini five out of five stars. Small, high-intensity, and outfitted with intuitive buttons, this vibrator has many of the features I look for in a wand vibrator. I’d enthusiastically recommend it to anyone looking for a travel-sized take on their go-to wand, or anyone who has been too intimidated by their bulky size to buy a wand vibe previously.